CNC tool classification


According to the tool structure, it can be divided into:

Integral type: the cutter is made of one blank without any separation;

Welding type: connected by welding method, divided into cutter head and cutter rod;

Machine clamp type: machine clamp type can be divided into two types: non rotating and indexable; generally, CNC tool adopts machine clamp type!

Special type: such as compound cutting tool, shock absorption cutting tool, etc.

According to the materials used to manufacture the tool, it can be divided into:

High speed steel cutter;

Carbide tool;

Diamond tool;

Other material cutting tools, such as CBN cutting tools, ceramic cutting tools, etc.

Cutting technology can be divided into turning tools, including outer circle, inner hole, thread, cutting, grooving tools, etc;

Drilling tools, including drills, reamers, taps, etc;

Boring tools;

Milling tools, etc.