Pre adjustment and inspection of CNC tools


There are strict requirements for pre adjustment and inspection of CNC tools. Here is a brief introduction for your reference:

Pay special attention to cleaning when installing the tool. Whether it is rough machining or finish machining, the cleanliness of boring tools must be paid attention to in every link of installation and assembly. The assembly of the handle and the machine tool, the replacement of the blade, etc. should be wiped clean, and then installed or assembled.

The cutter shall be pre adjusted, and its dimension accuracy, intact state and requirements shall be met. Except for the single edge boring cutter, the indexable boring cutter generally does not adopt the method of manual trial cutting, so the pre adjustment before machining is very important. The pre adjusted dimension must be accurate, adjusted at the lower and middle limit of tolerance, and corrected and compensated considering the temperature. Tool presetting can be performed on special presetting instrument, on-board tool setter or other measuring instruments.

Check the dynamic runout of the tool after installation. Dynamic run out inspection is a comprehensive index, which reflects the accuracy of machine tool spindle, tool and the connection between tool and machine tool. If the accuracy exceeds 1 / 2 or 2 / 3 of the required accuracy of the hole to be machined, the machining cannot be carried out. The reason should be found out