Precautions in practical operation of circular saw blade


Tool coating technology is the key technology to promote the progress of cutting. At present, the modified coating materials mainly include tin, TiCN, etc. The coating technology of PVD and CVD controlled by computer is applied to the surface modification coating treatment of end mills, reamers, drills, composite cutters and indexable inserts, so as to meet the requirements of high-speed and long-life cutting and processing of high-strength and high hardness materials. The PVD and CVD coating can improve the cutting performance of NC tools and enlarge the machining range. This exhibition shows the development level and significant progress of PVD and CVD coating technology.

Compared with the rapid development of coating technology, the development of tool materials is relatively slow. However, it still reflects the progress in the promotion of high-performance tool materials and the improvement of tool material properties. Once again, the cutting tool shows the trend that the ultra-fine particle cemented carbide materials with superior performance are widely used in the manufacture of indexable inserts, small drill bits, end mills, taps and other CNC tools as well as conventional cutting tools. CNC tool material and coating technology is a new research field. The marketing of each new product will promote the processing technology to a new level.

The new products and technologies displayed by foreign tool manufacturers in the exhibition reflect the huge demand of CNC tool market for high and new technologies. At the same time, in the face of the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry and the demand for high-quality CNC cutting tools, all we have to do is to speed up research and development, update the concept of service, and improve innovation ability.